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Quartz IP Releases PracticeLink 2.1 With Advanced IDS Generator

Quartz IP Releases PracticeLink 2.1 With Advanced IDS Generator

Interactive cross-cite grid makes review and inclusion of prior art possible in a matter of clicks

BURLINGTON, Vermont — November 29, 2022 — Aurora North today announced the release of PracticeLink 2.1, which provides an integrated desktop for IP practitioners to centralize and manage IP prosecution. With the latest release, Aurora North is offering an optional ReferenceLink module, featuring an IDS generator that automates the inclusion of prior art into information disclosure statements.

“This latest PracticeLink update continues to deliver on an ambitious vision. It gives practitioners an unprecedented, integrated ‘desktop’ view of activity. It also provides staff with sophisticated visual workflow and reporting tools — streamlining the complete IP prosecution lifecycle – and making better use of everyone’s time,” said Adam Kenney, Chief Strategy Officer, Aurora North.


  • Information Disclosure Statement generator. Law firms take seriously their obligations to identify and disclose prior art as part of the patent application process. However, the process of surveying, identifying and evaluating potential material for inclusion is often onerous and inefficient. PracticeLink now simplifies the creation of IDS through a workflow-driven process that prompts users for input and incorporates prior art information from the PTO and other sources.

  • Cross-cite grid. Many IP teams today compile massive Excel spreadsheets, manually, to track relevant prior art. ReferenceLink features an interactive cross-cite grid that already has multinational public data imported into the system, enabling your practitioners and professional staff to inspect prior art and select it for inclusion into the IDS, in just a few clicks.

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