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Website Privacy Policy

This policy explains how we collect and use information related to visitors on our website. If you have additional questions related to our data practices, please contact

Types of Personal Data We Collect

  • Quartz IP does not collect personally identifiable information from our website unless a user explicitly provides this information on the Contact Us page

  • Our website provider may employ cookies to provide us with traffic tracking analytics and usage insights

Why We Collect Personal Data​

  • We collect information on the Contact Us page in order to respond to inquiries by interested parties

How Data is Used

  • We will respond to client inquiries submitted via the Contact Us page

  • We may add users who submit requests via the Contact Us page to our Customer Relationship Management system, and may communicate periodically to follow-up on inquiries or discuss our products and services

    • You may opt out of these communications at any time by responding to our communication with a request to be removed, or by sending a request to

Sharing Data with Third Parties

  •  We do not share personal data with third parties

How to Opt-Out of Data Collection

  • You can decline the use of tracking cookies on our site by responding to the cookie notification provided

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