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IP Advisory Services

Helping You Better Understand and Improve Your Practice
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Executive Leaders

  • Considering strategic options: acquisitions, laterals, etc.

  • New leaders looking for a better understanding of their firm

  • Firms struggling to remain competitive on price or service level due to internal inefficiencies

Operational Leaders

  • Experiencing major increases in workload and wanting to scale

  • Considering a major technology change (docketing, workflow, etc.)

  • Dealing with significant risk or liability arising from internal process issues that are hard to pin-down

  • Under pressure to improve profitability

  • IP practice groups within GP firms struggling to reconcile the requirements of IP practice with policies and systems designed for the broader firm

Who Needs
IP Advisory Services?

IP practices face unique
operational challenges

IP is a technically difficult environment with complex rules and slim margins for error. At the same time, it is a high-volume transactional practice with hundreds, or thousands, of active matters to keep track of at any given time.

It takes an equally complex web of professionals to support an IP practice. Processes must be followed consistently, and safety nets established to ensure errors are caught before they cost a client their rights. In addition to mitigating risks, the survival of any IP practice today depends on maintaining high service levels for clients while managing costs effectively.

This has never been easy. But many firms have encountered even greater challenges in recent years maintaining these safety nets, while still managing costs and providing consistently great client service.

The IP Operations Assessment
The IP Operations Assessment is a well-defined advisory service project to ascertain how internal culture, organizational design and process quality contribute to risk mitigation, efficiency and overall value proposition for an IP practice.
This is a “big picture” analysis designed to support the case for change with the firm’s executive leadership. Projects are led by industry experts, each with over 25 years experience running and supporting IP operations in a variety of environments.
We consolidate our recommendations into proposed workstreams, with clear objectives and prioritized action plans. We then meet with the leadership team to validate priorities and establish executive sponsorship of each workstream. The result is a clear plan of action to achieve your process improvement objectives.
Cost and timeline are fixed. We don’t like never-ending consulting projects either.
Want to learn more about IP Advisory Services?
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