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The Operations Platform for
Intellectual Property Practices
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 Maximize Client Value

Corporate IP clients frequently cite service level as the main criteria when choosing an IP firm.

PracticeLink enables consistent internal processes to mitigate risk and boost efficiency, while providing tailored client service that still feels personal.

Organize and Prioritize

  • Practice Planner view combines due dates, soft reminders, and workflow tasks in one interactive dashboard
  • Rearrange soft dates and reminders as needed
  • Provide docket clearance instructions directly from the planner
  • Action Badges alert you to important tasks, drop-dead dates, and letters to review

See Everything In One Place

PracticeLink trademark matter view
  • See dockets, documents, financial summaries, and more, in one place 
  • View and edit documents from a familiar tri-fold view
  • Integrate public data and analytics
  • Client View shows all activity related to a client

Process Inbound Documents Faster

  • Reduce cost and mitigate risk associated with IP document intake
  • Drastically reduce manual document profiling 
  • Slash volumes of internal email sent every day 
  • Get inbound correspondence into attorneys' hands faster
PracticeLink document intake

Get Work Done

  • ReferenceLink simplifies the management of reference libraries and creation of IDS
  • Rowan Prosecution integration creates Office action response shells, saving billable prep time
  • Ad-Hoc Requests track actions related to client requests, such as opinions, searches, or new disclosures

Adapt to Meet Evolving Client Needs

PracticeLink workflow designer
  • Automate compliance with client preferences to ensure consistency
  • Head-off procedural errors with custom checklists
  • Use no-code design interfaces to update workflow, soft date calculations, templates and more to meet changing needs

Engage Clients and Build Relationships

  • Automate client reporting and reminder letters, while remaining fully compliant with each client's preferences
  • Eliminate delays and errors in reporting to clients or requesting their instructions
  • Provide real-time status updates and reporting to support frequent and meaningful engagement through secure client portals
PracticeLink Reporting Letter
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