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Aurora North Software is now Quartz IP

Aurora North Software is now Quartz IP

Aurora North Software has provided tailored technology solutions to some of the largest firms in North America for over 15 years. In January, we sold our Intapp technology integration group to LAC + Wilson Allen so we could devote our full focus to serving Intellectual Property (IP) legal practices with expert advisory services and our PracticeLink legal workflow suite.

Today, we are pleased to launch our new brand to reflect our total focus on practical solutions and services for the IP industry.

Aurora North Software will now be known as Quartz IP.

Why Quartz?

Being based on the shores of Lake Champlain in Burlington, Vermont, we have always had a strong connection to nature and the outdoors. That’s where we go to clear our heads, think big thoughts, and find fresh perspectives on complex challenges.

Quartz is valued for its properties. It’s not flashy. It's durable, reliable, and versatile. Beautiful in its simplicity. Quartz is also an essential component of some of the world’s most important innovations, from precision time pieces to advanced materials.

This represents the values our clients expect from us:  Enduring, reliable, and versatile solutions to drive innovation in IP practice.

We are IP Practice Experts

Intellectual Property practitioners manage tremendous risk for their clients, while protecting the ideas and brands that drive the growth of the global economy. Helping these practitioners evolve their practices without disruption requires specialization and experience.

We have deep roots in the IP world. Our founder, Chris Kave, began his career leading Automated Practice Systems at one of the nation’s largest IP firms. Our CEO, Adam Kenney, is a 30-year global IP industry veteran and a driving force behind market-leading IP workflow products and services. Many of our senior executives and delivery team members also have long histories in IP.

Our PracticeLink legal workflow suite is trusted by some of the largest IP practices in North America. PracticeLink automates complex, high volume, and risk-prone processes such as document intake and routing, client reporting, and due date management.

PracticeLink brings information from multiple systems together in an interface that saves time and helps practitioners stay focused. PracticeLink allows each firm to tailor every step of workflow and communication to support individual client needs, ensuring that efficient, automated processes still feel personal.

About Quartz IP

Quartz IP is a leader in process and technology solutions for the Intellectual Property (IP) industry, providing expert IP practice management consulting and the PracticeLink workflow platform.

Quartz IP was founded in 2006 by former legal industry executives around the principles of bringing together outstanding talent, staying closely connected with customers, and delivering practical solutions with no-nonsense advice to the legal industry.

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