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Quartz IP Integrates PracticeLink with the new FoundationIP REST API from Clarivate

Quartz IP Integrates PracticeLink with the new FoundationIP REST API from Clarivate

Quartz IP has partnered with Clarivate Plc (NYSE: CLVT), a global leader in connecting people and organizations to intelligence, to integrate PracticeLink with the new FoundationIP™ REST API. This deeper integration will simplify set-up and allow the systems to share updates in near real-time, giving users faster access to the most current information.

IP practices employ a wide variety of docketing, document management, finance, and productivity applications. And there is no “one size fits all” solution… Each practice selects the combination of systems that meet their unique needs. IP Attorneys and professional staff expect all these systems to work together so they have the information they need to get their work done efficiently. 

PracticeLink provides this “glue” between systems through a single interface that brings together matter and docket information, documents, financial summaries, and specialized productivity tools. PracticeLink adds document-level workflow that automates daily mail intake, classification, internal routing, profiling to the document management system, and client reporting and reminder letters.

FoundationIP™ from Clarivate is a leading cloud-based IP management solution enabling corporations and law firms to improve efficiency at every step in the IP lifecycle, streamline collaboration with clients and provide actionable insights that unlock the full value of their IP assets.

PracticeLink has integrated with FoundationIP™ from Clarivate for many years to provide an integrated workflow experience. The newly introduced FoundationIP™ REST API greatly simplifies the setup of this integration. New API features like incremental updates allow PracticeLink to pull only changes since the last sync, meaning the systems can synchronize data more frequently throughout the day for near real-time visibility into docketing updates.

“The new REST API is an important step for FoundationIP, creating opportunities for clients to integrate the IP portfolio management system into their broader technology ecosystem. Quartz IP has been an excellent partner in providing real-world requirements and early-stage testing that pushed our development forward significantly, and with a better result.” says Gordon Samson, President, Intellectual Property, Clarivate. 

“IP legal technology leaders are keenly focused on interoperability. This deeper integration between PracticeLink and FoundationIP opens the door to new ways to streamline and de-risk IP operations. We appreciate the level of access and engagement Clarivate has provided to support our mutual clients.” Says Adam Kenney, CEO of Quartz IP.

API Integration with FoundationIP™ will be available starting with PracticeLink version 2.2.1, scheduled for commercial release in December.

About Quartz IP

Quartz IP was founded in 2006 by legal industry executives around the principles of bringing together outstanding talent, staying closely connected with customers, and delivering practical solutions with no-nonsense advice to the legal industry.

PracticeLink is an IP practice management workflow platform that brings information from multiple systems together in an interface that saves time and helps practitioners stay focused. PracticeLink allows each firm to tailor every step of workflow and communication to support individual client needs, ensuring that efficient, automated processes still feel personal.

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