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Aubrey Scroggs

Director of Product Management

As Quartz IP's Director of Product Management, Aubrey is responsible for the expert execution of the company’s PracticeLink product strategy, leveraging her 15+ years of IP experience to deliver innovative solutions tailored to the unique needs of the industry.

Aubrey brings with her a history of impactful change management strategies and implementation, drawing on extensive experience in deconstructing complex IP processes to architect scalable workflow, technology, and people solutions. With her career focus being cross-functional collaboration improvements, she has always strived to distill information into its simplest, most digestible form to help a wide variety of roles reduce “noise” for efficient and effective IP management. This approach not only empowers business decisions but ensures they are driven by relevant, actionable, and critical information in addition to enhancing productivity and mitigating business risks. At Quartz IP, Aubrey's accountable for actualizing the organization's parallel vision for simplifying IP workflows by adeptly managing the PracticeLink platform technology solution that enables IP legal practices to adapt, set up for scale, and flourish.

Prior to joining Quartz IP, Aubrey spent the first 10 years of her career in various IP departments’ administrative, technical, and leadership functions. She most recently served in the roles of Strategic Partnerships Manager at PatSnap and Director of Solutions Consulting at Clarivate. Her professional journey showcases her deep understanding of innovation and intellectual property's intersecting dynamics.

Motivated by a passion for people and innovation, Aubrey is committed to making the world-changing power of great ideas more accessible by streamlining the path to patent grants. This dedication fuels her pioneering work in IP solutions.

Aubrey Scroggs
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