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Katie Hoddinott

Director of Business Development

Katie is a forward-thinking commercial leader in the legal intellectual property (IP) arena. She is driven by a passion for fostering meaningful and lasting relationships with clients and partners. In her role as the Director of Business Development at Quartz IP, Katie supports clients as they work to build scale, improve service levels, and grow.

Katie joined Quartz IP after nearly 20 years as a business development leader at Clarivate and CPA Global, where she consistently achieved Presidents Club/Winner’s Circle. Katie was honored as CPA Global’s top global salesperson in 2018. Her experience working with AMLaw 100 firms helps her devise innovative solutions in areas such as risk mitigation, financial profitability, and sustainable growth.

Katie believes in cultivating enduring relationships with clients—relationships founded upon mutual trust, shared success, and a dedication to collaboratively achieve objectives over the long term.

Since joining the team, Katie’s enthusiasm has been contagious throughout Quartz IP. She is excited by the PracticeLink solution and its transformative potential for clients who are eager to harness the power of technology and process improvement to usher in a new era of modernization in their intellectual property operations.

Katie holds a Bachelor’s degree in Communication from Virginia Tech.

Katie Hoddinott
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