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Quartz IP - Six Months on

Quartz IP - Six Months on

It’s been a little over six months since we completed the separation of the Aurora North business and re-introduced ourselves as Quartz IP.

Separating two legacy business lines that operated together for more than 15 years was no small task, but our team made it look easy, working closely with our former colleagues and new partners at Harbor. This process also gave us the opportunity to reduce our internal technology costs and simplify our contracting and billing processes.

When we launched the Quartz IP name, we talked about how it reinforces our values of enduring, reliable, and versatile solutions. The part I hadn’t thought about at the time is that when quartz is placed under pressure, it generates electricity. I think that resonates even more with us today than it did six months ago.

We’ve certainly put some pressure on ourselves to re-invent the way we work. Thanks to the tireless efforts of our Customer Success team, we have rebuilt everything about how we deliver solutions.

We’ve moved from just delivering projects to total focus on outcomes and value for our clients. Our newly created Customer Success Manager roles have helped our clients realize more value from PracticeLink. We’ve introduced Service Level Agreements and expanded our support team to make sure we can monitor the health of client systems and respond quickly to any changes. 

We developed a new methodology based on a standard baseline setup and phased implementation that lets firms start realizing value from PracticeLink in a fraction of the time. It’s extremely gratifying to hear from clients who have been with us for years, taking notice of all the hard work going on behind the scenes.

PracticeLink has come a long way, too. Building on the success of the improved workflow designer in version 2.0, we enhanced the ReferenceLink citation tracking and IDS workflow feature in version 2.1 with public data to make reference retrieval easier. We also introduced Task Badges, configurable checklists, and new administration tools to make it easier to support changing needs.

Version 2.2 added the Planner view and fully configurable Task Badges, allowing each user to build an actionable view of work they need to get done. We also introduced a new integration with Rowan Prosecution to build automated Office Action response shell generation directly into user workflow.

We have a lot more exciting enhancements underway, and new partnerships to be announced soon, all with the focus of providing real productivity gains for our clients every day.

We have also added some incredible talent to our team. Our Chief Customer Officer Tammy Krieger, who joined last year, has spent decades in leadership roles across the IP industry, and she has been instrumental in helping us become the business we really want to be.

Katie Hoddinott, who joined us in May, is one of the most successful business development leaders in the IP law firm market, and she has wasted no time helping us reach the most forward-thinking leaders in IP legal technology. This has also put pressure on us to be ready to grow and deliver on a whole new scale!

IP industry rockstar Aubrey Scroggs joined us as our new Director of Product Management in June, and she and our Director of Development Cooper Reid have already revolutionized the way we design and develop the PracticeLink suite.

Jocelyn Lloyd, one of the most respected project leaders in the IP Portfolio Management world, joins us today as a Customer Success Manager. We’ve also added new rising stars to our Customer Support and Development teams.

Finally, we’ve welcomed some very prestigious IP groups to the PracticeLink family as new clients, including most recently Barnes and Thornburg and Haley Guiliano. We’ve also upgraded many of our existing clients to the 2.x PracticeLink platform, adding new workflow capabilities and new value for these practices.

Yes, it’s a lot. But true to our name, all this pressure we’ve put on ourselves has generated tremendous electricity within our team and around the IP Market, and it has energized us for even greater adventures ahead.

I’d like to personally thank our outstanding leaders for creating an environment that has us all excited to come to work every day. Thanks also to our teams, who have turned a huge amount of change into an amazing transformation of our business. Most of all, thanks to our clients and partners for standing with us and pushing us to create new levels of excellence in IP operations.

Adam Kenney

CEO, Quartz IP

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